Article Delivery Task Force Report


To: UC Libraries Advisory Structure (for information via Marlo Young)
Users Council (for information & distribution via Jayne Dickson)
LAUC (for information & distribution via Nick Robinson)
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From: Coordinating Committee, UC Libraries Advisory Structure
Diane Bisom, Chair, Strategic Action Group3: Collection Building & Maintenance
Kerry Scott, Chair, Strategic Action Group3: Collection Licensing Subgroup
Patti Martin, Chair, Strategic Action Group2: Access, Discovery & Infrastructure
Date: 5 August 2014
On behalf of the UC Libraries Advisory Structure's Strategic Action Group3: Collection Building & Maintenance (SAG3) and its Collection Licensing Subgroup (CLS), and Strategic Action Group2: Access, Discovery & Infrastructure (SAG2), Diane Bisom, chair of SAG 3, has submitted the final report of the joint Article Delivery Task Force. While the recommendation is that it is premature to pursue a systemwide article delivery solution at this time, it is recommended that the report be distributed widely throughout UC, and that the campuses and CDL pursue or otherwise support locally focused pilots testing out one or more of the services described in the report.
The Article Delivery Task Force report is now available on the CLS website .

SAG 2, SAG 3 and CLS will add a one year review to each of their project watch lists and review the new current state of article delivery options and determine if the landscape has changed sufficiently at that time to warrant a second look at system wide opportunities for article delivery services. That will also be an opportunity to share the parameters of the local projects and the results of that work

In January of 2014, SAG2, SAG3, and CLS jointly charged an Article Delivery Task Force to conduct an environmental scan of current Article Delivery service providers.

The group was specifically asked to:
* Detail vendor content, services and business models
* Detail the advantages and disadvantages of the services including: the ability of the service to seamlessly integrate with existing UC delivery services and workflows and ease of use by end user
* Identify ongoing staff and other resources that might be needed to maintain the service over time
* Recommend whether a UC-wide agreement would provide effective service at an advantageous cost.

The Task Force concluded its work in June and has provided an excellent overview of the current options for article delivery services. We strongly encourage campuses to pursue pilots and share the parameters and findings of their pilots with SAG 2, SAG 3 and the CLS. Local efforts may be the most effective method in helping to refine and shape systemwide possibilities.

Thank you to the Task Force for all of its hard work. We know that this report will be of great value to the campuses and the CDL.

Kerry Scott on behalf of CLS
Diane Bisom on behalf of SAG3
Patti Martin on behalf of SAG2
Rosalie Lack on behalf of the Coordinating Committee

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