Common Knowledge Groups, call for interest


To: UC Libraries Advisory Structure (via Jayne Dickson for information)
Users Council (via Jayne Dickson for information & distribution)
From: Direction & Oversight Committee, UC Libraries Advisory Structure
The new UC Libraries Advisory Structure launched almost one year ago. Shortly after the launch, the Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC) appointed me liaison for Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs). In my liaison role, I've worked with existing CKGs and the former Bibliographer Groups to update their charters and membership.
Information about currently active CKGs, inactive CKGs, as well as information about forming new CKGs, can be found here:
Active CKGs have wiki spaces to allow for collaborative work, although CKGs can opt to use alternate collaborative sites as desired. Links to all CKG workspaces, whether wiki or otherwise, can be found here:
Interested UC Library staff are encouraged to explore and participate in CKGs. To do so, contact the CKG's designated contact person for information about the group's area of expertise and focus.
Please feel free to contact me with questions!
Sarah Troy
CKG liaison
Direction & Oversight Committee

Last updated: October 12, 2016