CoUL resolution honoring CDL’s Ivy Anderson


CoUL resolution honoring CDL’s Ivy Anderson

This past June, the UC Council of University Librarians (CoUL) celebrated Ivy Anderson’s 15-year career with the University. To mark her retirement, CoUL published a resolution to honor her many achievements and contributions. CoUL is now sharing this resolution with the UC Libraries community and UC leadership as an expression of our gratitude.



June 23, 2021

The University of California Council of University Librarians presents this resolution to Ivy L. Anderson on her retirement and in recognition of her exceptional career.

Whereas, Ivy L. Anderson, Associate Executive Director and Director of Collection Development and Management at the California Digital Library (CDL), will retire on June 30, 2021 after more than fifteen years of outstanding service to not only the University of California, but higher education and scholarly communication sectors broadly;

Whereas, Anderson built the CDL Licensed Content Group into an internationally respected program, covering negotiations, data-driven collection development and shared cataloguing, esteemed by library colleagues, administrators, faculty and publishers;

Whereas, Anderson transformed the practice of negotiating licensed content contracts, securing unparalleled savings and access for the University and establishing the model for licensed content terms, cementing her place as a globally renowned negotiator;

Whereas, Anderson tirelessly advanced open access, championing a multitude of pathways and pursuing clear, action-oriented approaches to further the transition to a more sustainable and open scholarly publishing landscape;

Whereas, Anderson provided essential leadership to shared print efforts within the University of California, Western Regional Storage Trust and beyond, advancing the University’s influence and goals in print preservation and access across the United States;

Whereas, Anderson advanced mass digitization at the University and early on recognized the opportunity and immense potential of co-founding the HathiTrust Digital Library;

Whereas, Anderson inspired others by regularly seeking to answer big questions, pursue big ideas and boldly advance new initiatives;

Whereas, Anderson prioritized the University of California Libraries coalition and actively sought to foster collaboration and partnership for the betterment of all campus libraries;

Whereas, Anderson earned the admiration of her colleagues through not only her many achievements, but also her leadership, collaborative spirit, dedication and unmatched work ethos;

Whereas, Anderson has lead and acted with integrity, truth and mindfulness, and whose numerous contributions will continue to impact and shape library work and scholarly communications for decades to come;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the University of California Council of University Librarians takes great joy in recognizing the tremendous professional achievements of Ivy L. Anderson, and herewith expresses its utmost gratitude for her invaluable and incomparable contributions to the University, State of California and academy broadly.

Be it further resolved that this resolution be included in the minutes of the Council and shared with the University of California Libraries community; and that copies be sent to Ivy L. Anderson, Vice Provost Susan Carlson, Provost and Executive Vice President Michael Brown and other officials within the University of California as an expression of the council’s deep appreciation.


UC Council of University Librarians (CoUL)

Last updated: July 28, 2021