CoUL/LAUC APM 360-4 Joint Task Force


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RE: CoUL/LAUC APM 360-4 Joint Task Force

CoUL and LAUC have agreed to form a joint Task Force to revise the definition of the Librarian Series articulated in APM 360-4 (and replicated in APM 210). The Academic Planning Manual (APM) contains the university's policies and procedures regarding the employment of academic appointees. UCOP's Department of Academic Personnel and Programs develops, implements, and manages the content of the APM.

The members of the Task Force will include:

1. Matt Conner (LAUC President, UCD)

2. Diane Mizrachi (LAUC President-Elect, UCLA)

3. Emily Lin (LAUC member, UCM)

4. Alan Grosenheider (Chair, CoUL Administrative Services Advisory Group; UCSB)

5. Ginny Steel (CoUL advisor to MOU Negotiating Team, UCLA)

6. Brian Schottlaender (Chair, Joint TF, UCSD)

The Task Force will complete its work by summer's end so that the APM can be sent out for review with the revised language for APM 360-4 (and APM 210).

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Last updated: February 22, 2016