December UC3 Service Updates Summary


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UCLAS (for information) via Rosalie Lack

Attached are service updates for DMPTool, Dash, Merritt, and WAS for December 2014. A few specific things to share include:

* Trisha Cruse Retirement. Trisha, UC3 Director, has retired from UC. More information on her career: We wish her the best!

* Web Archiving Service (WAS) Transition to Archive-it. The CDL and the UC Libraries are partnering with Internet Archive's Archive-It Service; in the coming year, WAS collections and all core infrastructure activities will be transferred to Archive-It. The CDL remains committed to web archiving and is exploring opportunities with Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UCLA, and others to work closely with Archive-It to create an expanded roster of added-value tools and services.

* UCSC Dash Live. Joining UCB, UCI, UCLA, and UCM, UCSC Dash is now live.

* Hiring a Data Management Product Manager. The job requisition closes on Jan 28, 2015. More information here:

For more details please take a look at the updates, check out our web pages, or contact me, Perry Willett, or Rosalie Lack.

All for now,

Felicia Poe
Interim UC3 Director

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Last updated: January 16, 2015