February UC3 Service Updates Summary


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Subject: February UC3 Service Updates Summary

Attached are service updates for Dash, Merritt, and WAS for February 2015. Highlights include:

* UCI Dash offers geographic access. We partnered with UC Irvine to develop a map feature. Currently, there are no datasets with geographic metadata in production yet, but you can see the functionality on the stage server: http://dash-stg.lib.uci.edu

Please let us know if you have any plans for geographic metadata.

* Successful automated harvesting into Merritt. We recently reached a milestone in our work with Open Context by successfully completing an automated harvest using the Atom feed of their datasets to ingest into Merritt. At almost 1 million objects, this is the largest collection in Merritt by number of objects. You'll find the Merritt collection here: https://merritt.cdlib.org/m/ucb_open_context

* Web Archiving Service (WAS) Transition to Archive-it. The transition is on target for the first UC group to migrate in March.
For more details see this month's updates, the UC3 web site, or contact me, Perry Willett, or Rosalie Lack.


Felicia Poe
Interim UC3 Director

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