Heads of Special Collections - 2008-2009 Goals and Objectives

  1. Continue to communicate and work collaboratively with other UC groups such as UCAC, PAG, OAC committees, as well as national groups/organizations such as ARL and RBMS on issues of common interest.
  2. Maintain and expand content of the HOSC web site.
  3. Continue to meet regularly (in person or otherwise) to discuss UC-wide Special Collections issues, as addressed in the HOSC Charge and Statement of Purpose, and explore ways to address them.
  4. Explore with CDL’s Director of Digital Special Collections the formation of a Special Collections Digital Steering Committee, and assist in developing its charge to guide the building of digital special collections.
  5. Continue to comment and provide end user assessment to CDL and OCLC on the Next Generation Melvyl Pilot.

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Last updated: April 10, 2013