Heads of Special Collections - 2010-2011 Goals and Objectives

  1. Continue to communicate and work collaboratively with other UC groups such as UCAC, PAG, the DSC, as well as national groups/organizations such as ARL and RBMS on issues of common interest
  2. Maintain and expand content of the HOSC web site. To encourage possible collaborations and to identify unique holdings, members at each campus are to share information about existing collections and areas of collection strengths by posting a collection highlight list on HOSC's website.
  3. Continue to meet regularly (in person or otherwise) to discuss UC-wide Special Collections issues, as addressed in the HOSC Charge and Statement of Purpose, and explore ways to address them.
  4. Model efficient use of resources by close engagement in UC partnerships and collaborations to build and provide ready access to digital special collections.
  5. Continue to comment and provide user assessment on development of Next Generation Melvyl and on the efforts of the Next Generation Technical Services New Modes for Access Task Group.
  6. Regularly review SOPAG reports as they pertain to HOSC objectives, and initiate response and take action on relevant issues and activities.
Document owner: Michelle Light
Last updated: April 10, 2013