NGTS POT7 LT2 Report: Responding to the Changing Collection Development & Management Landscape in UC Libraries


One of the outstanding NGTS items assigned to the UC Libraries Advisory Structure’s Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management (SAG3), was the final report from POT 7 LT2, “Responding to the Changing Collection Development and Management Landscape in the UC Libraries: The Role of the Collections Librarian”

SAG 3 has received this final report and, and with endorsement of the Council of University Librarians,  formally accepted the POT7 LT2 report, thanked and concluded the appointment of the POT7 LT2 Team. The POT7 LT2 report is now report available on the NGTS website at:

Additionally, upon reviewing the report, SAG3 has identified two priority actions that we aim to address by July 2014:

1.    Refresh bibliographer group structure, membership, and charges

SAG3 studied the report and identified the role, structure, and engagement of bibliographer groups as a critical issue for the vitality of our cross-campus collaborations and future roles.  In the transition to the new UC Libraries Advisory Structure, our lack of communication about this issue may have inadvertently led many of our librarian colleagues to believe that we feel these groups are no longer important.  In truth, we feel the networks for communication across campuses deserves even greater attention.  In spring 2014, we envision a process that involves librarians who are members of the current bibliographer groups and results in refreshed charges and a revised organizational model to facilitate cooperation in new ways.  We aim to implement a new model in July 2014.

2.    Develop orientation materials for UC consortia-based collection development processes (e.g. Tier 1 and Tier 2 requests)

SAG3 believes that shared orientation materials can be developed around consortia-based collection development activities, helping provide consistency across campuses and effectively relieving each campus from duplicative work.

SAG3 members are cognizant of the many priority projects assigned to SAG3 and already underway, as well as the new issues suggested by the UC Libraries’ System-Wide Priorities for 2014-2017.   As such we have identified this short list of actions for this academic year.  We anticipate further discussion and use of this report in identifying additional critical issues or initiatives.

With this report now available, SAG 3 encourages each UC library to discuss the report and adopt any approaches that are useful to their library organization and priorities.

Additional Background

In October 2012, CoUL and SOPAG set out to address one of UC Libraries’ goals: “Play a leadership role in generating discussion of the evolving information workforce in order to build and share expertise.”  (See

The Power of Three Group 7, Lightning Team 2 (POT7 LT2) was charged to contribute to the transformation of collection development practices by considering the desired duties and qualifications for future campus and multi-campus subject selectors/curators in the UCs. 

The POT7 LT2 team submitted their report to SOPAG in April 2013.  With the transition to the new UC Libraries Advisory Structure, the report was not acted upon at that time; Strategic Action Group 3 inherited this issue in fall 2013.   In the period since the team completed their work, many UC libraries have undertaken significant transformations and transitions -- including new leadership, restructuring, and reframing of librarian roles.  While the extensive work of the POT7 LT2 team is important and signals many deeper issues that still need to be considered, our libraries are likely to have slightly different perspectives from each other as well as from our own thinking last year.

Through their process, the team revealed varied visions of librarian roles on each of our campuses, and complex relationships between workload, skill sets, and priorities.  Their work was valuable in posing new questions, which many peer libraries are asking of themselves (as evidenced in the ARL initiative “New Roles for New Times”, as well as the LAUC 21st Century Librarian initiative).  While no single system-wide vision emerged clearly from the POT7 LT2 report, there are many threads that could be followed by interested UC libraries that wish to pilot a new approach in particular areas.

Thank you,
Diane Bisom
Chair, Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management (SAG3)
UC Libraries Advisory Structure

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Last updated: May 6, 2014