Official Launch of New Library Advisory Structure


By Lorelei Tanji, Chair, Council of University Librarians

It is with great pleasure that I announce the official launch of the new UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS).  Designed with extensive input from stakeholders systemwide, the UC Libraries Advisory Structure supports shared library services throughout multiple stages of development, strategic planning, design implementation, and operations. 

The new advisory structure will support the creation and management of systemwide activities aligned with UC Libraries Systemwide Plan & Priorities identified by the Council of University Librarians.  We feel strongly that the flexibility of this new structure will facilitate innovation, and promote communication, collaboration and project management.

The structure consists of variety of new groups and teams, including Strategic Action Groups, Project Teams, Operation Teams, and Common Knowledge Groups. A full description of each of these groups is available from the links below.

UC Librarians are encouraged to learn more about UCLAS.  By way of its Coordinating Committee, Strategic Action Groups and LAUC representatives, regular communications will keep local campuses apprised of systemwide activities, including e-research priorities, open access developments, shared digital collections, demand driven acquisition, shared collection building and much more.  

For additional detail about UCLAS and systemwide priorities, you can access the following resources:


Find information about UCLAS charges, membership, and priorities at the following sections of the University of California Libraries website: 

Wiki Spaces

Wiki spaces have been set up with links to additional background information as well as the orientation webinar for new members. 

Once Common Knowledge Groups and Project teams are set up, web pages will be created for them, as well as for the Operations teams.  CKG Guidelines are currently available from the webinar wiki page, as well as overviews for the other groups.

And Thanks…

Thank you to all of those throughout the UC Libraries who made this transition possible. In particular, I would like to thank the Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG) and members of the UCLAS Implementation Team for their advice and planning assistance.

On behalf of the Council of University Librarians, we thank all UC Librarians for an on-going commitment to excellence and innovation.


Last updated: July 15, 2013