Persistence Policy Revision Project Team Launched


Marlo Young (UCSD), UC Libraries Advisory Structure Communications Manager

The Council of University of University Librarians (CoUL) charged a small project team to revise the existing persistence policy and related documents.
Persistence Policy Revision Project Team Membership

* Emily Stambaugh, Shared Print Manager, CDL (Convener)
* Colleen Carlton, SRLF Director, UCLA
* Jim Dooley, AUL for Collections, UCM
* Erik Mitchell, Director of Digital Initiatives & Collaborative Services, UCB
* Charlotte Rubens, Operations Manager NRLF, UCB
* Brian Schottlaender, University Librarian, UCSD
Target Completion Date: Spring 2014

* Revised policy(ies) and related documents
* Recommendations for change to and/or creation of new practices, tools, allocation methods and resources to implement the modified policy(ies).
When UC Libraries originally developed the concept of "persistence," the goal was to establish a permanent, trustworthy, shared general collection such that depositing libraries could make local decisions about duplicate copies.
Given the expansion of policy documents and changes in the environment, particularly around the development of shared print collections, CoUL has established the following goals for revision of the persistence policy:

* Make it possible for UC libraries to deselect and/or contribute stored holdings to extramural partnerships while ensuring access to UC users.

* Make it possible for non-UC libraries to deselect and contribute holdings to UC storage as part of a formal extramural partnership for distributed print archiving.

* Address other policy aspects that affect or enhance UCs ability to participate in shared print partnerships, with a goal of accelerating shared collection development.

* Create options for retention periods for shared collections to allow for future collection review and deselection. Define the relationship between finite retention periods and persistence, particularly when applied to the same material. Recommend when to apply one or the other.

* Provide guidance on how to reconcile different collection management behaviors when the same material is contributed to multiple network-level shared print programs.

* Combine, extend and harmonize the persistence policy, shared print in place policies, replacement guidelines and other documents that define persistence and its behaviors. Consider aspects in the RLFs Standard Operating Procedures and other documents that may be elevated to and incorporated in the new policy.

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Last updated: October 24, 2013