SAG 3/Shared ILS/RMS Task Force Update: Consultant Engaged


UC Library Colleagues,

With the approval of the CoUL, the Strategic Action Group 3 (Collection Building & Management) Shared ILS/RMS Task Force has engaged Marshall Breeding as the consultant to help assess the interest in and technical feasibility of implementing a shared ILS/RMS system for the UC Libraries. As noted previously, this exploratory process does not presume that the UC Libraries will choose to adopt a shared ILS/RMS, either as a single institution or by a subset of the campuses. Marshall Breeding will work with us, assisting the Task Force in completing its charge, from April 1 through June 30, 2014 and his work will involve the following phases:

  • Information gathering regarding the requirements and expectations of the University of California Libraries, building on information identified through the NGTS initiative.
  • Conducting an environmental scan of the systems and services with potential ability to meet the requirements of a shared implementation for the University of California libraries.
  • Interviewing individuals involved with libraries and consortia of similar size and complexity that have implemented each of the candidate systems.
  • Developing  a written report and presenting the findings of his investigation.

During the initial phase the consultant will develop a list of questions for each campus to gather information related to the requirements and expectations of what the University of California libraries expects of a potential shared ILS/RMS platform.  He plans on conducting telephone interviews to gain any clarifications needed or to explore any issues raised and to conduct a series of conference calls with key stakeholders in the UC libraries.

The results of the short survey we conducted in January will be shared with the consultant. These results provide basic information on the status of each campus with regard to its current ILS and interest in future migration.

As the investigation progresses, there will be additional opportunities for input, comment, and review from all sectors and colleagues of the UC Libraries.  Following the completion of the consultant’s work,  Strategic Action Group 3 (SAG 3) and its Shared  ILS/RMS  Task Force will make recommendations on next steps to CoUL. 

Please feel free to direct questions to Vicki Grahame, Task Force Chair, or Diane Bisom, SAG 3 Chair.

Thank you,

Diane Bisom
SAG 3, Chair


Diane Bisom
Associate University Librarian
Information Technology and Systems
University of California, Riverside Libraries
P.O. Box 5900
Riverside, CA 92517-5900

Last updated: May 6, 2014