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From: Diane Bisom, Chair, Strategic Action Group 3, UC Libraries Advisory Structure
Date: 21 July 2014

UC Libraries Colleagues,

As previously announced in April, the Shared ILS/RMS Task Force of the UC Libraries Advisory Structure's Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management has been working with consultant, Marshall Breeding, in order to help assess the interest in and technical feasibility of implementing a shared ILS/RMS system for the UC Libraries, either as a single institution or by a subset of the campuses.

As his first step, Marshall sent a survey to each campus to learn the requirements and expectations of the ten University of California libraries for a potential shared ILS/RMS platform. Those responses are now being collated and summarized into a narrative that describes the requirements and perspective of the individual campuses regarding the possibility for a shared ILS/RMS platform. Marshall also conducted a conference call with staff at CDL in early July for its input on key issues.

Additionally, Marshall has been conducting an environmental scan of the systems and services with potential ability to meet the requirements of a shared implementation for the University of California libraries. This process has included:

* Meeting with Ex Libris for briefing on the current status of Alma

* Holding a private Webinar conducted by OCLC regarding the ability of WorldShare Management Services (WMS) to be implemented in a consortial configuration;

* Holding a conference call, Webinar, and ALA meeting with Innovative Interfaces regarding ability of Sierra to be implemented in a shared environment for a large academic consortia,

* Attending a briefing on Kuali OLE,

* Meeting privately with Intota representatives at ALA.

He has also been interviewing individuals involved with libraries and consortia of similar size and complexity to UC that have implemented each of the candidate systems. These include:

* Orbis Cascade Alliance (Ex Libris Alma )

* BIBSYS implementation in Norway (Ex Libris Alma )

* PALNI, a consortium of private academic libraries (OCLC WorldShare)
Over the next weeks, Marshall will write a report of his findings and recommendations. The Shared ILS/RMS Task Force will then discuss and provide input on the draft report by the end of July. The final report is due on August 6th after which the Task Force will be discussing recommendations and next steps with Strategic Action Group 3.

Strategic Action Group 3 anticipates submitting recommendations for next steps to CoUL in early September.

Additional information about this initiative is available on the SAG 3 website:

Please direct questions to Vicki Grahame, ILS/RMS Task Force Chair ( or Diane Bisom, SAG 3 Chair (

Thank you,

Diane Bisom
Associate University Librarian
Information Technology and Systems
University of California, Riverside Libraries
P.O. Box 5900
Riverside, CA 92517-5900

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