UC-eLinks is moving to the Ex Libris Cloud


After more than a decade of hosting the Ex Libris SFX software that runs UC-eLinks, the CDL is joining a growing number of SFX customers by moving UC-eLinks hosting from CDL to the Ex Libris Cloud. The migration process will take several months and we’re beginning this month.

Why now? The SFX servers at UC are reaching end of life and the software must be migrated to a new environment. By moving hosting to Ex Libris, CDL will gain some cost savings, and will avoid other costs by reducing time spent planning and implementing infrastructure changes for a new host environment at UC.
What does this mean for campuses?
In effect, nothing is changing for campuses. There will be no change to the user interface for end-users, staff, or UC-eLinks administrators who maintain their specific campus-managed titles in UC-eLinks.

CDL will continue to manage UC-eLinks on behalf of University of California libraries. SFX software and knowledge base updates will continue to occur on a regular, weekly basis.
We will need help testing
CDL will ask UC-eLinks administrators and staff to do testing to ensure the system has been successfully moved over to the Ex Libris Cloud. Testing is tentatively set for late May. We anticipate having two rounds of testing. CDL will coordinate testing with HOPS http://libraries.universityofcalifornia.edu/hops/roster, Users Council http://www.cdlib.org/groups/users_council/roster.html and the UC-eLinks campus liaisons: http://www.cdlib.org/services/d2d/ucelinks/ucelinks_liaisons.html.
UC Davis is joining CDL
As an Ex Libris customer of the Aleph catalog software, UC Davis was the one campus that had its own version of UC-eLinks. UC Davis recently decided to discontinue hosting UC-eLinks on its own server, and will merge with the other UC campuses- all managed by CDL. UC Davis will move its SFX instance onto the cloud at Ex Libris shortly after CDL makes the migration. This change will reduce staff time maintaining, testing, and coordinating updates between UC Davis and CDL.

This information is also in CDLINFO: http://www.cdlib.org/cdlinfo/2013/04/03/uc-elinks-is-moving-to-the-ex-li...

Felicia Poe
User Experience Services Manager
California Digital Library
University of California

Last updated: July 15, 2013