UC Federal Documents Archive Project (interim report)


To: UC Libraries Advisory Structure (for information) via Jayne Dickson
Users Council (for information & distribution) via Jayne Dickson
LAUC (for information & distribution) via Carla Arbagey
Cc: CoUL

Attached is the recently approved UC Federal Documents Archive Project: Progress Update and Recommendations for Next Steps (interim report), authored by the UC Federal Documents Archive Implementation and Oversight Team.
From January 2015 to September 2017 the FedDocArc Project has made significant progress. The UC Libraries have completed the foundation of the print and digital archive from the items shelved at the Regional Library Facilities (RLFs), including articulating processes for retention disclosures, engaging other depository libraries, and coordinating with digitization partners. In that period we completed review and processing of the items shelved at the RLFs and initiated the first campus pilot with UC Riverside as well. The interim report highlights the various aspects of the past work as well as plans for next steps.

Last updated: November 19, 2018