UC Libraries Advisory Structure Enters Next Phase


To: Users Council (for information and distribution)
CoUL (for information)
Collection Development Committee (for information) [via Sharon Farb]
Heads of Public Services (for information) [via Amy Kautzman]
Heads of Technical Services (for information) [via Karleen Darr]
Library Technology Advisory Group (for information) [via Tom Bustos]
Resource Sharing Committee (for information) [via Sarah Troy]
Scholarly Communications Officers (for information) [via Susan Mikkelsen and Mitchell Brown]


Planning for the new UC Libraries Advisory Structure has entered its next phase. The Council of University Librarians has endorsed charges for the primary committees. The committees are now named: the Coordinating Committee; Strategic Action Group 1 (SAG 1): Scholarly Research and Communication; Strategic Action Group 2 (SAG 2): Access, Discovery, and Infrastructure; and Strategic Action Group 3 (SAG 3): Collection Building & Management. A fourth group, the Collection Licensing Subgroup, reports to SAG 3. All of these committee charges can be found on the UC Libraries Advisory Structure public wiki at https://wiki.library.ucsf.edu/display/AdvisoryStructureRedesign/UC+Libraries+Advisory+Structure

Next Steps
Each campus will be asked to nominate names for membership on each group with a deadline of May 3. LAUC will be asked to nominate names for membership on the Strategic Action Groups with the same deadline. Nominees will be selected based on their relevant expertise and availability to work on the groups, with the aim of balancing the necessary expertise across the committee (as defined in the charge) to accomplish each group’s work. Recommendations will be forwarded to SOPAG who will send a proposed roster of names to CoUL for final decisions.

The goal is to have the new advisory structure in place by July 1, 2013.

Last updated: July 15, 2013