UC Libraries Advisory Structure Launches Blog


To: UC Libraries Advisory Structure (via Marlo Young for information)
Users Council (via Jayne Dickson for information & distribution)
LAUC (via Matt Conner for information & distribution)
CC: Council of University Librarians
From: Coordinating Committee, UC Libraries Advisory Structure
Date: 21 November 2014


In the spirit of enhancing communications, the Coordinating Committee is pleased to announce the launch and pilot of a new UC Libraries Advisory Structure blog: http://uclasblog1.wordpress.com/

The purpose of the blog is to serve as a web-based communication vehicle for systemwide advisory structure activity that is timely, organized by searchable categories and keywords, complements the use of email and supports multimedia communications. Our hope is that the blog encourages enhanced transparency, communication, information sharing and engagement, while organically preserving a historical record of UCLAS activity.

Content in the blog will include advisory structure communications and news items, Strategic Action Group portfolio and member profiles, project-specific updates and profiles, summaries of and links to reports, and more. The blog's comments feature is enabled for those interested in asking questions or adding additional commentary.

Bookmark, sign up for RSS feeds, or receive automatic email updates from the blog. The blog can also be accessed from the UC Libraries homepage under the Advisory Structure box in the bottom center of the homepage at http://libraries.universityofcalifornia.edu/

Last updated: November 21, 2014