UC Libraries Systemwide Plan & Priorities Webinar


To: UC Libraries Advisory Structure (via Marlo Young for information)
Users Council (via Jayne Dickson for information & distribution)
LAUC (via Matt Conner for information & distribution)
From: Rosalie Lack, Chair, Coordinating Committee, UCLAS
Date: 22 October 2014


A reminder that the UC Libraries Advisory Structure's UCLAS Webinar Series kicks-off on October 30th with its first webinar, UC Libraries Systemwide Plan & Priorities, featuring two University Librarians, Lorelei Tanji and Ginny Steel. Register in advance and tune into a live discussion and overview of the updated Systemwide Plan & Priorities.

UC Libraries Systemwide Plan & Priorities

Register: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/b306u7qwg3rr&eom

When: October 30, 2-3 pm

Lorelei Tanji, CoUL Chair and UCI University Librarian
Ginny Steel, UCLA University Librarian

Last updated: October 23, 2014