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TO: CC Members; SAG 1-3 Members; CLS Members;

LAUC; UC Libraries/CDL Employees


RE: UCLAS 2.0 Draft Proposal & Timeline (below, and attached [PDF])

With benefit of two years of experience now, CoUL is proposing some changes to the UC Libraries Advisory Structure. Below is background information, draft UCLAS 2.0 highlights, next steps and a timeline.

We would like to thank all the many UC Libraries employees for your hard work and important contributions as we deployed our advisory structure (UCLAS 1.0). We value and appreciate your past work and encourage you to continue your contributions during the transition to UCLAS 2.0. We also certainly appreciate that transitions can be difficult and disruptive, but we are committed to streamlining this one. Now that the new Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC) has been charged, we will have more capacity to share updates and decisions and we look to current members to provide leadership and support during the move to the new structure.


In fall 2014, CoUL commissioned a consultant to assess the UCLAS structure and gather input from UCLAS participants. The final report was distributed publicly in April 2015 via various listservs (UC-L; CDL Users Council; etc.). We have used it to prepare a draft proposal (see Appendix 1) to modify the UCLAS structure.

Some of the issues the modified structure are intended to address include:

1. Clearly defining which groups are responsible for:

a. Strategic planning & policies

b. Objectives-setting

c. Operational advice

d. Collaborative

e. Interest-sharing

2. Considering, and trying to reduce, the workloads generated by and time spent on UCLAS activities.

3. Reducing the number of individual who need to participate in the structure, by not forming so many "all-campus groups"

4. Providing more guidance and support by forming a new "Direction &Oversight Committee (DOC)"

CoUL also wants to focus more on strategic directions/communications and less on operations. We hope that the UCLAS structural modifications proposed, along with the appointment of a CoUL Portfolio Manager, will facilitate that.

Selected highlights of UCLAS 2.0 (see Appendix 1 Chart)

* The proposed Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC) will help provide clear communication and oversight of teams and groups, including: Collaborative Teams and Operations Groups. DOC will help ensure that operation activities remain in alignment with system-wide priorities and strategies. See Appendix 2: DOC Charge & Membership

* DOC will report directly to CoUL. We hope this will streamline decision-making and communication, and will lead to greater agility.

* The ULs Steering Committee will have, as it does now, the chair of CoUL, the past chair of CoUL, the CDL Executive Director, and Joanne Miller who supports CoUL. Added to this group will be the vice chair of CoUL, chair of DOC and the CoUL Portfolio Manager.

* The CoUL Portfolio Manager (CPM) will be an ex officio member of CoUL, the ULs Steering Committee (ULSC), and DOC. The CPM serves as the bridge between these groups; helps ensure strategic alignment between priorities and resources; and helps CoUL draft and convey strategic communications.

* In order to ensure they are as agile as possible, Collaborative Teams will likely not have "all-campus representation," while the membership of the Operations Groups will likely vary by portfolio.

* The work of the Collections Licensing Group will be folded into what we expect will be an OG for Collections Services. Since this group will make decisions around licensing, it will have members from all campuses.

* The groups below the dotted line in the Appendix 1 chart are the same as in UCLAS 1.0 except that the "Operations Teams" have been renamed "Shared Services Teams.". We anticipate that these groups will continue to operate in the same self-organizing way--but will ask DOC to help clarify roles, responsibilities, and provide guidelines.

Some next steps towards finalizing UCLAS 2.0

* DOC will identify what they consider appropriate Operations Groups and Collaborative Teams, draft charges for these, and provide CoUL with recommendations on their membership.

* Forthcoming statement of principles for UCLAS 2.0 will be provided by DOC.

* Illustrate how ideas are generated and flow via UCLAS 2.0 structure.

* DOC will clarify roles and relationships for CIGs, Shared Services Teams, Bibliographer Groups, and CDL Advisory Groups.

Draft Timeline:

* April through June:

o CoUL distributes UCLAS Assessment Report with a notice that proposed changes are forthcoming.

o CoUL distributes draft UCLAS 2.0 proposal with rationale; hosts a conference call between ULSC, CC, SAGs, CLS, and LAUC Exec Board Officers to help frame and communicate the proposed changes; hosts a webinar to share the proposal more broadly; and works with CC to draft a charge for DOC.

* June - August:

o CoUL publicly announces UCLAS 2.0 and shares draft proposal and timeline.

o CoUL charges the new DOC to help determine which Operations Groups and Collaborative Teams are needed and the scope of their duties; DOC drafts charges for OGs and CTs.

o The work of the present CC & UCLAS groups continues in parallel until transition is ready to be implemented; CC, SAG, and CLS members' terms will be extended until the transition takes place.

* By Summer/Fall 2015: CoUL will hire Portfolio Manager.

* September 2015: Transition the work of the Coordinating Committee to DOC.

* September/October 2015: Transition SAGs/CLS/CKGs etc. to new UCLAS2.0 structure of DOC/OGs/CTs/CIGs etc.


Council of



1 CoUL Membership includes ULs, CDL ED and CoUL Portfolio Manager. The Portfolio Manager serves as an important link between CoUL, ULSC, and DOC.

2 UL Steering Committee (ULSC) Membership = Chair, Vice Chair, Past Chair, CDL ED, CDL Analyst (Joanne Miller), CoUL Portfolio Manager. The ULSC has existed since 2001, and is responsible for planning and tracking CoUL meeting agendas.

3 DOC Membership = All campus representation that is made up of: Past CoUL Chair, CDL AUL/Director, CoUL Portfolio Manager; OAG Chairs, At-Large AULs/DULs (from campuses not already represented as OAG Chairs)---one of the AUL/DUL At-Large representatives serves as the Chair and DOC members serve as liaisons to various Collaborative Teams.

4 ASAG Membership = All-Campus representation; report directly to CoUL.

5 Collab Team membership is NOT All-Campus, but skills-based. Ad hoc/project groups. Possible Collabs: DAMS development; Shared ILS; SPiP, etc.

6 OG membership will be skills-/portfolio-based. CoUL/DOC will determine whether the membership will be All-Campus or not, on a case-by-case basis. Principles will be developed to facilitate this determination. At a minimum, OGs will include 5 members, plus 1 LAUC rep. Possible OGs: Collections Services, Research Services, User Services, etc.



2015.06.02 Services A


Operations Group6 (OG 1)

Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC)3


CDL Advisory Group7

Appendix 2

Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC) Charge



The UC Libraries Advisory Structure 2.0 (UCLAS 2.0) is the result of a number of factors: a) consultant's assessment survey of UCLAS 1.0 recommending various changes and/or areas for improvement; b) CoUL's increased focus on strategic directions vs. operations; c) acknowledgment that the current UCLAS 1.0 is very time-intensive for staff; d) keen interest in creating an agile and streamlined structure to address system-wide goals and initiatives more efficiently. UCLAS 2.0 builds upon the success and experiences from UCLAS 1.0, and aims for a more direct and responsive approach in terms of decision-making and communication; yet a lighter and more fluid approach in terms of idea generation; and a focused and selective approach to system-wide initiatives to ensure the greatest impact and value in support of UC system and community. The Direction and Oversight Committee (hereafter referred to as DOC) is a pivotal group in the UCLAS 2.0 structure.


DOC is charged to carry out the vision, strategies, priorities, and policies established by CoUL. DOC will play a key role in implementing this by overseeing the Collaborative Teams, and the Operations Groups. DOC will play a critical role in expediting decision-making, keeping activities in alignment with strategic directions, facilitating and evaluating new ideas and initiatives put forward by UCLAS groups, and ensuring effective communication between CoUL and UCLAS groups, as well as fostering cross-communication among the groups.


There will be 3 phases to DOC's work:

1) Initial Planning Stage for UCLAS 2.0 (June - August 2015)

2) Transition & Implementation (August - September/October 2015)

3) Ongoing Responsibilities & Assessment (October 2015 - onwards)

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

In conjunction with CoUL - DOC helps develop, set, and implement strategies, priorities, and policies. Provides direction and oversight of Collaboration Teams (CT), and Operations Groups (OG).

A. Planning Stage:

* Identifies and recommends the appropriate OGs and CTs; drafts charges for UCLAS2.0 groups; recommends membership for CoUL approval.

* Working with the existing UCLAS (Coordinating Committee with SAG/CLS chairs are inventorying the current activities)-helps map the current activities to the new structure.

* Assists CoUL with the next iteration of the Systemwide Plan & Priorities that will guide UCLAS 2.0 starting Fall 2015.

B. Transition & Implementation Stage:

* Helps develop communications, guidelines, best practices to provide guidance to new groups as appropriate.

* Sponsors and coordinates any transitional webinars/forums that will launch the official transition and implementation of UCLAS 2.0; provides clarification and responds to queries.

C. Ongoing role & responsibilities:

* In conjunction with CoUL - expedites decision-making and stream-lines processes as appropriate

* Serve as liaisons to the Collaborative Teams and may serve as OG Chairs

* Ensures activities are in alignment with strategic directions

* Facilitates and evaluates new ideas and initiatives put forward by UCLAS groups

* Notifies CoUL of key issues that need to be addressed

* Ensures effective communication between CoUL and UCLAS groups; foster effective cross-communication among the groups

* Assists CoUL in drafting charges for any new groups after the UCLAS 2.0 launch

* Assists CoUL in drafting various white papers (or delegates that responsibility to an appropriate group)

* Identifies benchmarks for future assessment of UCLAS 2.0; helps coordinate assessment after a suitable period (approximately 12 to 18 months after launch).

Appointing and Reporting Relationships

DOC Reports to CoUL. CoUL will appoint the DOC Chair and group members taking into consideration a balance of expertise and skills.


Terms are generally 2 years and are renewable; staggered terms are desirable for continuity, which may result in slightly longer terms for certain individuals, especially at the beginning.

* DOC Chair: Donald Barclay, UCM

* DOC Members-at-Large:

o Elizabeth Dupuis, UCB

o Gail Yokote, UCD

o John Renaud, UCI

o Todd Grappone, UCLA

o Ann Frenkel, UCR

o Janet Martorano, UCSB

o Robin Chandler, UCSC

o Catherine Friedman, UCSD

o Polina Ilieva, UCSF

* DOC member - CDL Representative: Felicia Poe

* Ex officio, Past CoUL Chair: Virginia Steel, UCLA

* CoUL Portfolio Manager: TBD

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