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From: Direction & Oversight Committee, UC Libraries Advisory Structure

Date: March 2016

With this inaugural quarterly update, the Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC) launches a regular communication about its activities. Recent DOC activities include:


Reorganization and launch of a new UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS)

* Revised UC Systemwide Libraries Organizational Chart


* Defined and established guidelines for systemwide groups, including Leadership Groups, Shared Service Teams, Common Knowledge Groups, and Project Teams

* Transitioned the work of the Strategic Advisory Groups (SAGs) into the new UCLAS structure

* Established Shared Content Leadership Group (SCLG); transitioned work from former SAG3 Collection Licensing Subgroup to SCLG

* Approved (thus far) 16 UC Libraries Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs); transitioning former Bibliographer Groups to CKG structure

* Approved charge for ILL Courier Shared Service Team; established membership and launched team

* Approved charge for Digital Reference Shared Service Team; established membership and launched team

* Integrated the Shared Print Strategy and Shared Print Operations teams into UCLAS, revising charges as appropriate

* Launched UC Libraries Shared DAMS Project Team; approved charge, established membership, launched project team reporting to DOC

* Developed a lightweight project management template and a one-page form for submitting a project proposal

* Secured an annual operating budget from CoUL

* Appointed Catherine Nelson (UCSB) as LAUC representative to DOC

* Appointed Becky Imamoto (UCI) as LAUC representative to SCLG

In Process

* Draft requirements and investigate the feasibility of establishing a UC Libraries systemwide instance of Confluence wiki, with ongoing support provided by DOC shared service team

* Develop a rubric for evaluating the suitability of proposals for systemwide implementation

Additional details pertaining to the activities of the UCL Advisory Structure can be found in public minutes regularly posted online: http://libraries.universityofcalifornia.edu/about/advisory-structure

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Last updated: October 12, 2016