UC/OCLC Pilot Implementation

UC/OCLC Implementation Historical Documents

Introductory information

The UC Libraries and OCLC, a nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organization have entered into an agreement to explore second generation library services. Demonstration projects are projected to be in place by early 2008. UC/OCLC Pilot Project FAQ.

UC Team Members


Karen Butter, UCSF (Chair)
Luc Declerck, UCSD (Implementation Team)
Laine Farley, CDL
Patricia Martin, CDL (Chair, Implementation Team)
Terry Ryan (Chair of Implementation Team, below), UCLA [Retired]
Brian Schottlaender, UCSD
Gary Strong, UCLA


Adam Brin, CDL
Sara Davidson, UCM
Luc Declerck, UCSD (Member of the Executive Team)
Amy Kautzman, UCD
Patricia Martin, CDL (Chair and member of the Executive Team)
Ellen Meltzer, CDL
John Riemer, UCLA
Charlotte Rubens, UCB
Terry Ryan, UCLA (Chair and member of Executive Team, above) [Retired]
Leslie Wolf, CDL

Bibliographic Services Task Force (BSTF)


Timelines [Note: Will be updated regularly]

Launch Toolkit

This launch packet contains materials to support librarians and staff in the UC libraries in communicating with end users about the Next-Generation Melvyl Pilot. Its contents include mandatory and recommended communications actions as well as various vehicles that can be used in a variety of ways.

Task Group Charges and Reports

The Implementation Team will rely on campus expertise to help analyze, plan, implement, and evaluate the complex bibliographic, technical services and other issues and workflows involved in the pilot.  As challenges are identified, the Implementation Team is assigning discrete tasks to small groups for rapid study and response. Each task group has a designated lead and is assigned a Team liaison to facilitate communication and filter questions that may have to be answered by OCLC. Task group experts are identified by the Team in consultation with All Campus Groups (ACGs) and/or appropriate campus administrative team members, with a goal of maximizing campus participation and minimizing overuse of the same staff.

Pending Task Groups

The following task groups will launch in a phased way over the summer 2007 and will work through the pilot, with deliverables both before and during the pilot period.

Joint UC-OCLC Workgroups

Joint Workgroups will launch in a phased way over the summer 2007 and will work through the pilot, with deliverables both before and during the pilot period.  For each Joint Workgroup, UC is appointing one or more UC-only task groups who will gather information and do analyses, and provide representatives as the UC members of the Joint Workgroup. [HTML]

OCLC Documents

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