CoUL – February 19-20, 2015

University Librarians
February 19-20, 2015
Oakland, CA

Agenda and background materials to download:

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Agenda   Please download the agenda →
1. Susan Carlson and Amy Lee (various issues)

For LAUC topic: See forwarded email message from LT to CoUL 2/4/2015 from Matt Conner.

2. CoUL Systemwide Strategic Directions Planning


  1. Systemwide Leadership Vision/“Space”
  2. Orientation and Procedures documents
  3. CDL Budget and UCOP tax round robin
  4. Agreements – roles & responsibilities


For CDL Budget and UCOP tax round robin, see email from LT to CoUL Feb 12th – campus round robin budget questions.

3. CoUL chair proposal, re: succession planning
4. UCLAS [Assessment outcomes]
5. UCLAS: Audio-Visual preservation report – SAG3
6. RLF planning and follow up
7. UC Mexico Initiative


  1. Conaculta:  National Council for Culture and the Arts

Action: Identify CoUL contact

  1. Potential symposium w/ UC Mexico working groups on data curation and scholarly communication
11.a. CLIR grant proposal (added 2/17/2015)
12. Tom Andriola (UCOP Vice President of IT Services & CIO) and ITLC Chair Andrew Wissmiller (Assoc Vice Chancellor, IT Services, UCLA)
13. Licensing term issues
CoUL/UCOLASC, Items 3 & 5