CoUL – September 4-5, 2014

University Librarians
September 4-5, 2014
Oakland, CA

Agenda and background materials to download:

ItemPDFs for Download


  1. Proposal to Establish a Webinar Series for UCLAS
  2. UC Shared Print RoadMap
  3. Digital Humanities Proposal
  4. CDL Campus Service Profiles
1. Collaborative digital initiatives
  • Background to come
2. NGTS Shared Cataloging for e-Resources Pilot (SAG3)
3. Federal documents project
5. Labor relations issues/updates (APM responses)
  • APM responses to come on Wednesday.
6. Funding Model and Decision Process Plan for Selective Participation Opportunities
7. Memorandum of Agreement for Shared Positions (follow-up from July conference call)
10. WEST update
12. Planning for SLASIAC meeting (Oct 2nd)
13. Finalize UC Libraries Systemwide Plans & Priorities
14. UC Press
15. CoUL Strategic Communications
18. ArchivesSpace
19. Scopus evaluation
21. UC Open Access Topics
24. Portfolio Manager Proposal
26. Future agenda building