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Active Groups Affiliation
Administrative Services Advisory Group (ASAG) UCLAS
Bibliographer Consortial Groups UCLAS
Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs) UCLAS
Council of University Librarians (CoUL) CoUL
Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC) UCLAS
Federal Documents Archive Project (FedDocArc) UCLAS
Future of UC Resource Sharing Project Team (FRSPT) DOC
Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC) CDL, UCLAS
Next Generation Technical Services Implementation (NGTS) CoUL
Office of Scholarly Communications (OSC) SLASIAC
Resource Liaisons CDL, UCLAS
RLF Systems and Workflows Project Team (RLFSWPT) CoUL
Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) CDL, UCLAS
Shared Cataloging Program Advisory Committee (SCP-AC) CDL, UCLAS
Shared Content Leadership Group (SCLG) UCLAS
Shared Library Facilities Board (SLFB) CoUL
Shared Print Strategy Team  UCLAS
Shared Services Teams CDL, UCLAS
Standing Subcommittee on Copyright Policy (SLASIAC Subcommittee)  SLASIAC
Scholarly Transformation Advice and Review (STAR) UCLAS
Systemwide ILS Project (SILS) CoUL
Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC)  
UC Cooperative Online Serials Program (CONSER) Funnel UCLAS
UC Linked Data Project DOC


Inactive Groups Parent Group
Access, Discovery & Infrastructure: Strategic Action Group 2 (SAG2) UCLAS
Access Integration Task Force (2001-2002) SOPAG
Acquisitions Common Interest Group (ACIG) (2004-2013) HOTS
Bibliographic Services Task Force (BSTF) (2005) SOPAG
Cataloging and Metadata Common Interest Group (CAMCIG) (2006-2013) HOTS
CDL-Licensed News Resources Task Force (2006) CDC
Circulation Advisory Group (CAG) (2004-2013) RSC
Collaborative Strategies for Archiving of Print in the Digital Environment Task Force (1999-2000) SOPAG
Collection Building & Management: Strategic Action Group 3 (SAG3) UCLAS
Collection Development Committee (CDC) (1998-2013) SOPAG
Collection Licensing Subgroup (CLS) UCLAS
Collection Management Planning Group (2001-2003) SLASIAC
Collections Space Planning Task Force (2009-2010) SOPAG
Coordinating Committee UCLAS
Digital Library Services Task Force (DLSTF) (2010-2011) SOPAG
Digital Preservation and Archiving Committee (2001) SOPAG
Digital Reference Common Interest Group (DIGREF) (2003-2013) HOPS
Digital Reference Service Task Force (2001) SOPAG
Digital Visual Resources Planning Task Force (2002-2003) SOPAG
Discovery Systems and Services Task Force (2011) SOPAG
E-books Task Force (2007-2008) CDC
EBSCO-Gale Database Evaluation Task Force (2007) CDC
Electronic Records Management Task Force (2001) SOPAG
Electronic Resources Management System Task Force (ERMS-TF) (2005) SOPAG
Electronic Resources Task Force HOTS
Elsevier/ACM (Shared Print Collection) Pilot Assessment Team (2004) CDC
Government Information Task Force (2002-2003) SOPAG
Heads of Public Services (HOPS) (1998-2013) SOPAG
Heads of Special Collections (HOSC) CDC
Heads of Technical Services (HOTS) (1998-2013) SOPAG
Image Services Rollout Advisory Committee (ISRAC) (2005) HOPS
Information Literacy Common Interest Group (INFOLIT) (2004-2007) HOPS
Interlibrary Loan Advisory Group (IAG) RSC
Joint CDC/SCO Task Force (2007-2008) CDC
Library Binding Working Group (2006-2007) CDC > PAG
Library Planning Task Force (2010-2011) SLASIAC
Library Technology Advisory Group (LTAG) SOPAG
Negotiations with Elsevier/Academic Press Planning Task Group (2002-2003) CDC
Next Generation Melvyl SOPAG
Persistence Implementation Task Force (2009-2011) CDC
Preservation Advisory Group (PAG) CDC
Privacy Policy Task Force (2001) SOPAG
Project Management Skills Task Force (2009-2010) SOPAG
Prospective Shared Print Monographs Task Force (2008) CDC
Regional Library Facilities Persistence Task Force (RLFTF) (2005-2006) SOPAG
Resource Sharing Committee (RSC) SOPAG
RLF De-Duplication Task Force (2006-2007) CDC
Scholarly Communication Officers (SCO) CDC
Scholarly Information Program Task Force (2001-2002) SLASIAC
Scholarly Research & Communication: Strategic Action Group 1 (SAG1) UCLAS
Shared Monographs Coordinating Group CDC
Shared Monographs Planning Group CDC
Shared Print in Place Task Force (2010-2011) SOPAG
Shared Print Journal Collection Working Group (2002-2003) CDC
Shared Print Steering Task Force CDC
Shelf Ready Services Task Force (2010) HOTS
Shibboleth Task Force (2009-2010) LTAG
SAG1 - Strategic Action Group 1: Scholarly Research & Communication UCLAS
SAG2 - Strategic Action Group 2: Access, Discovery & Infrastructure UCLAS
SAG3 - Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management UCLAS
Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG) (1998-2013) CoUL
UC Archivists Council (UCAC) CDC
UC Circulation Heads (UC-CIRC) RSC > CAG
Web-based Services Common Interest Group (WbS) (2004) HOPS


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