Regional Library Facility (RLF) Space Assessment Projects

Overview of Space Assessment Projects:

The purpose of the RLFs is to store, preserve and provide access to library materials of research value in a cost effective economical manner for the libraries of the University of California.  As the two RLFs will reach capacity in the next few years, the Shared Library Facilities Board (SLFB) has been looking at ways in which to extend the life of the RLFs to take deposits.

Various projects are underway or being discussed to determine if the shelving algorithms now in use are the optimum for maximizing capacity in the RLFs or if capacity could be substantially increased by de-duplicating the RLF collection.  

These projects are directed towards answering the following questions:  Is the space being used as efficiently as it could be?  Are there better alternatives?  Could sufficient space be re-claimed that the costs of changing would be justified?  What are the recommended models for using future space?

Project I: WEST Gold De-duplication Pilot

Project overview:

A small pilot project based on the WEST Gold titles is under way to explore the cost and potential impact of de-duplication across the two RLFs.  This project will contribute data to help determine whether de-duplication at a larger scale would be cost effective in reclaiming space. 

Large-scale de-duplication would require a shared understanding of the benefits and the criteria for de-selecting materials, including how many print copies should be kept.

Project timeline:

Target date Milestone Status
Summer 2016 SRLF and NRLF staff do a comparative analysis of WEST Gold titles Complete
Fall 2016 Identify volumes to be used for gap-filling at other RLF and duplicated for de-accessioning Complete
Spring 2017 Potential implementation of projects based on pilot findings  










Project documents:

  1. WEST Gold De-Duplication Pilot Project, September 2016 [PDF]
  2. WEST Gold De-Duplication Pilot Project, October 2016 [PDF]

Project II: Exploration of Alternate Shelving Models for NRLF and SRLF

Project timeline:

Target date Milestone Status
Fall 2016 Exploration of alternative shelving models for NRLF and SRLF  
January 2017 Report to SLFB on alternative storage and shelving models   
Spring 2017 Potential implementation of projects based on exploratory findings  











Last updated: April 13, 2020