Regional Library Facility (RLF) Systems and Workflows

Project scope:

The goal of the RLF Systems and Workflows Project is to identify and evaluate opportunities to create workflows and information systems involved in depositing and managing items at the RLFs that streamline work and data exchange or help support transformative services or information systems.

The second goal of the project is to transform how the RLFs interact and how the UC libraries make use of and benefit from the RLFs.


In 2014/15 the UC Library system conducted an exploration into the possibility of adopting a shared Integrated Library System (ILS).  The report surfaced the need for the Regional Library Facilities' systems to interoperate well with each library for deposit of and access to materials.  In discussion of the report, it was clear that the RLFs might provide useful examples of opportunities for shared technology platforms that solve problems while minimizing the costs and challenges, for example enabling positive impacts in interoperability for collection analyses, resource sharing, and shared print.  

Phase I: Evaluation of Current Systems and Workflows

Phase I overview:

In order to identify and evaluate these opportunities, the RLF Systems and Workflows Project Team, in partnership with campus libraries and RLFs, will evaluate current workflows and information systems; explore alternate workflows and information systems and recommend opportunities to adopt new workflows and systems that deliver on one or more of the key outcomes (e.g. streamlined work, better service, improved systems).

Phase I timeline: 

Target date Milestone Status
10/15/15 RLF Data Gathering  Complete
12/15/15 Southern Campus Data Gathering Complete
2/15/16 Northern Campus Data Gathering  Complete
3/15/16 Business Case Analysis  Complete
4/30/16 Final Report to CoUL  Complete











Phase I documents:

  1. Memo to CoUL, October 15, 2015 [DOC]
  2. Memo to CoUL, December 4, 2015 [DOC]
  3. Final Report [PDF]

Phase II: Cost and Project Proposal to Merge RLF Systems and Workflows

Phase II overview:

The Phase I Final Report made three recommendations:

  • to have the RLFs work more proactively with campuses to share information and solicit feedback on a regular basis,
  • to merge NRLF and SRLF data into a single system
  • to charge the RLF directors to form a design and implementation team to develop a comprehensive cost and project proposal to merge systems and workflows

The Council of University Librarians (CoUL) has charged the project team with exploring the opportunities and challenges of shared systems, data exchange, and workflows between the RLFs and between the RLFs and campuses. 

The RLF directors have begun to work on the third recommendation.  With the expectation that all UC deposits will be accessioned into one facility in the near future, an integrated approach will be necessary to ensure timely and accurate processing of deposits and provide excellent discovery and access to materials.

Phase II timeline:

Target date Milestone Status
9/20/16 CoUL report on feasibility study & approval to move forward   
10/21/16 Formation of expanded project team  
12/2/16 Definition of project elements and completion of phase 2 of review  
1/31/17 CoUL update on project progress  
3/31/17 Completion of Phase 2 feasibility study  
TBD Launch of implementation phase  














Last updated: October 28, 2016