SLFB Roster

The Shared Library Facilities Board (SLFB) consists of the following voting members: each UC university librarian (ex officio), the associate vice provost and executive director of the CDL (ex officio), a faculty representative and a LAUC representative. The directors of the SRLF and NRLF, as well as the CDL shared print manager, are all ex officio, non-voting members. The board is chaired by a university librarian (a recent history of the SLFB chairs can be found here).

Current roster:

Jeffrey MacKie-Mason
UC Berkeley

MacKenzie Smith
UC Davis

Lorelei Tanji
UC Irvine

Ginny Steel

Haipeng Li
UC Merced

Steven Mandeville-Gamble
UC Riverside

Erik Mitchell (Chair)
UC San Diego

Chris Shaffer
UC San Francisco

Kristin Antelman
UC Santa Barbara

M. Elizabeth Cowell
UC Santa Cruz

Günter Waibel
California Digital Library

Hilary Schiraldi
LAUC Representative

Thomas Cogswell
Faculty Representative

Cathy Martyniak (non-voting member)
SRLF Director, UCLA

Susan Swarts (non-voting member)
NRLF Director, UC Berkeley

Alison Wohlers (non-voting member)
Shared Print Program Manager

Last updated: December 16, 2019