Heads of Special Collections (HOSC)


  • Advising CDC and other all campus groups on special collections issues;
  • Coordinating systemwide activities relating to collection development, acquisitions, management, preservation, and access for special collections;
  • Coordinating appropriate special collections policies among the campus library systems;
  • Serving as a discussion group among the members on special collections issues and innovations;
  • Serving as a focus for information dissemination on special collection;
  • Communicating with all other campus groups, SOPAG-appointed task forces, and other common interest groups on special collections issues.

See Statement of Purpose for more details.


HOSC is comprised of one representative from each campus library system (the head of one of the campus's special collections units, appointed by the (University Librarian) and a member of the Collection Development Committee appointed as liaison from CDC.

Reporting Line

HOSC reports to the Collection Development Committee.


HOSC members serve as Chair on a rotating basis by alphabetical order of the campuses. Each chair serves a two-year term. HOSC normally meets twice a year (usually scheduled the day before an Archivists' Council meeting), with additional business conducted by email.

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