Key Documents

See the Vision and Priorities page for the annual publication of the Council of University Librarians’ vision, mission, and goals.

Recent Reports from Task Forces and Committees:

Statement on Inclusion and Equity in Special Collections, Archives, and Distinctive Collections in the University of California Libraries (2021) California Digital Library Statement of commitment by UC Libraries’ special collections and archives leadership to immediate and enduring work to elevate the narratives, perspectives, and expertise of marginalized communities.

Guidelines for Efficient Archival Processing in the UC Libraries (2020) California Digital Library These processing guidelines were developed for special collections and archives in the University of California Libraries, to facilitate processing backlogs and new collections.

Decision Making Rubric for UC Libraries Projects (Jan 2017) [XLS] This rubric was designed by the Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC) to help UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS) groups in making decisions about which collaborative projects to invest in and at what level.

Decision Making Rubric for UC Libraries – Tips (Jan 2017) [PDF] A companion to the Decision Making Rubric, including tips on utilizing the rubric to enable structured discussion.

A Funding Model and Decision Process Plan for Selective Co-Investment Opportunities in the UC Libraries: Initiatives, Projects, Agreements, Memberships, etc. (Sept. 15, 2014) [PDF] Sets forth a funding model and decision-making process for collaborative projects where not all 10 campuses and the CDL participate.

UC WEST Coordinating Committee Final Report (Jan. 2014) [PDF] Provides a summary of actions and accomplishments of the WEST Coordinating Committee. Includes recommendations for transitions to new UCLAS teams and appendices with detailed reports.

NGTS Management Team Final Report (2013) [PDF] Review of the 2-phase Next Generation Technical Services initiative, the report includes an overview, outcomes, and lessons learned.

Final Report of the SLASIAC Library Planning Task Force (2011) [PDF] Recommends systemwide strategies and investments for the UC libraries in the face of recent an upcoming budget reductions.

UC Digital Collection Development Policy (2011) [PDF] Highlights the details of UC’s strategies for digital collection development.

The University Library Collection: Content for the 21st Century and Beyond (2009) [PDF] Sets forth the systemwide collection development strategy for UC’s libraries.

Historical Systemwide Planning Reports:

Systemwide Strategic Directions for Libraries and Scholarly Information at the University of California, Progress Report 2005 [PDF] Describes the work done to date on the original strategic directions, reflects on lessons learned in implementing the strategies, and recommends an expansion of the five directions.

Systemwide Strategic Directions for Libraries and Scholarly Information (2004) [PDF] Sets forth strategic directions for collaborative development of the UC libraries lie in five key areas: shared collections, shared facilities, shared services, persistent access to digital information and scholarly communication.

Library Planning and Action Initiative Advisory Task Force Final Report (1998) [PDF] The result of a systemwide initiative to maximize the information resources available through the libraries and take best advantage of emerging technologies. A related report was the University of California Digital Library: A Framework for Planning and Strategic Initiatives (1996). These led to the establishment of the California Digital Library California Digital Library.

The University of California Libraries, A Plan for Development (1977) [PDF] The first comprehensive joint planning process of the UC Libraries, triggered by concerns about duplication among campus collections, competition among campuses to increase collection size, and the cost of housing growing collections. Results included an online union catalog, automation of circulation and cataloging operations and construction of two regional library facilities) in order to maintain and improve services while containing costs.

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