Vision and Priorities


Agile, focused, efficient, and data-driven, the UC libraries will be leaders in providing the broadest access to the world’s knowledge and in developing innovative services, strategies, and technological systems that promote discovery and preserve knowledge.


The UC libraries provide information resources and services to UC faculty, students, and staff in direct support of the University of California’s teaching, learning, research, patient care, and public service goals by:

  • Enabling seamless discovery and access to scholarly information at the network level;
  • Managing the building blocks and products of scholarship and research, including content created by UC scholars;
  • Offering expert support and education to find, evaluate, use, and manage information resources;
  • Creating and sustaining high-quality spaces for learning, collaboration, and research; and
  • Leading and actively participating in partnerships for national and global initiatives that inform and shape the future of libraries and scholarly communications.

Long-Range Goals

  1. Enrich the systemwide library collection: Print, digital, data, and archival collections of the University of California are fundamental building blocks for the University’s teaching, research, patient care, and public service programs. Building and managing collections to provide access to a broad array of scholarly information resources in support of these programs remains one of the highest priorities for the UC libraries.
  2. Maximize discovery of and access to information resources: Faculty and staff are adopting new techniques to identify, find, and use information resources. As user behaviors evolve, and we fulfill our shared commitment to accessibility, the UC libraries will implement systems to provide better, faster, and broader access and support.
  3. Optimize and develop shared services for operational efficiency and systemwide impact: The libraries collaboratively build shared technical infrastructure, collections and services of distinction in response to end-user and institutional needs, and to eliminate duplication of effort and tap into our collective expertise. Systemwide efforts also broaden each individual library’s capacity to invest in its disciplinary needs and the services and activities best advanced at the campus level.
  4. Expand engagement in scholarly communication: The UC libraries are leading participants in regional, national and international efforts to enact sustainable scholarly communication transformation at-scale. The libraries collaboratively accelerate the transition away from traditional, high-cost subscriptions and pursue new publishing and reading models that realize the full potential of making scholarly information and outputs widely accessible.
  5. Strengthen and reflect diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in library services, resources and operations: Excellence in library services, just as academic excellence, is fed by a plurality of ideas and perspectives, and cultivation of inclusive working and learning environments where diversity is respected and welcomed. As the UC Libraries collaboratively seek to further the teaching, research, health care and public service missions of the University, we will strengthen and reflect diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in all facets of our systemwide work. This includes work undertaken to advance all long-range goals as well as employee retention and development, and governance.

UC Libraries Abbreviations Glossary [PDF]

Campus Library Strategic Plans