Digital Preservation Leadership Group (DPLG)


The UC Libraries Digital Preservation Leadership Group (DPLG) is charged by the Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC) to lead the University of California in the area of UC-wide digital preservation. The DPLG reports to the UC Libraries Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC) and is a component of the University of California Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS). As a way to advance the goals articulated in the Annual Plan and Priorities of the UC Libraries, this group will spearhead future collaborative efforts, provide strategy and expertise, and act as the guiding body for information dissemination and sharing across the UC.

Key Responsibilities:

This standing group of preservation practitioners coordinates and helps to drive UC-wide digital preservation policies, strategies and actions. In this capacity, the DPLG:

  1. Serves as the primary systemwide coordination and communication group for constructing digital preservation strategies, armonizing policies, sharing collaborative project opportunities, and leading campus library activities regarding digital preservation and curation issues.
  2. Advises DOC on issues related to digital preservation.
  3. Develops and manages a systemwide digital preservation training program for UC Libraries administrators, librarians and staff.
  4. Provides guidance and develops strategy to assist campuses in determining the appropriate level of stewardship for a given set of digital material.
  5. Acts as a knowledge center by consulting across the UC system on digital preservation cost models, analysis of current digital preservation policies, assessment frameworks, and gap analysis.
  6. Understands the scope of protected data stewarded by the UC libraries and strategizes the best path forward for preserving sensitive digital information, including how to best address campus and systemwide policies that pertain to data integrity and data security (IS-3, data policies, etc.).
  7. Liaises with regional, national and international groups, such as the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA), to strategically explore collaborative project opportunities and advance the profile of the UC Library system as a location for innovative, creative, sustainable, and responsible approaches to digital preservation.
  8. Identifies, defines, and proposes future deliverables that would lead to collaborative digital preservation efforts throughout the UC system.