Systemwide ILS (SILS)


Mission Statement: Transform library services and operations through innovation and collaboration.

Slogan: Shaping the future together

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What is SILS?
To improve collaboration involving the University of California’s library collections and related services, a four-year project charged by the Council of University Librarians (CoUL) culminated in the implementation of a shared, innovative systemwide integrated library system (SILS) across all 10 campuses, two regional library facilities and the California Digital Library. UC Libraries have enabled an enhanced and user-centered level of integration in core functional areas: circulation, management, and sharing of print, media, and electronic collections. These collective resources are now accessible at both the local and systemwide levels via a modern discovery platform – UC Library Search – which for users means faster and easier access to the materials they seek.

How is SILS governed?
As of January 2022, the SILS governance structure – composed of a Leadership Group, Operations Team, Operations Subteams and Project Teams – reports to the Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC). Membership terms are three years for most groups. Roster selection and rotation is managed by DOC and will ensure that all interested staff from across the UC system have an opportunity to serve over time.

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SILS Project Timeline

Phase 1 (Start up): June – Nov. 2017
Phase 2 (Business case): Jan. – June 2018
Phase 3 (RFP): July 2018 – Feb. 2020
Phase 4 (Implementation): March 2020 – Dec. 2021