Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC)

DOC Charge (February 24, 2017) [PDF]


DOC is charged to carry out the vision, strategies, priorities, and policies established by the Council of University Librarians (CoUL). DOC will play a key role in implementing this by overseeing the UCLAS groups. DOC will play a critical role in expediting decision-­‐making, keeping activities in alignment with strategic directions, facilitating and evaluating new ideas and initiatives put forward by UCLAS groups, and ensuring effective communication between CoUL and UCLAS groups, as well as fostering cross-­‐communication among the groups.

Key Responsibilities

In conjunction with CoUL – DOC helps develop, set, and implement strategies, priorities, and policies. Provides direction and oversight of UCLAS groups.

  • In conjunction with CoUL—expedites decision-making and streamlines processes as appropriate.
  • Serve as liaisons to the UCLAS groups and may serve as chairs of groups.
  • Ensures activities are in alignment with strategic directions.
  • Facilitates and evaluates new ideas and initiatives put forward by UCLAS groups.
  • Notifies CoUL of key issues that need to be addressed.
  • Ensures effective communication between CoUL and UCLAS groups; foster effective cross-‐communication among the groups.
  • Assists CoUL in drafting various white papers (or delegates that responsibility to an appropriate group).
  • Identifies benchmarks for future assessment of UCLAS; helps coordinate assessment after a suitable period (approximately a 12 to 18 months after launch).