CDL’s Justin Gonder Elected to Library Publishing Coalition Board


The California Digital Library (CDL) is delighted to announce that Justin Gonder, CDL’s Senior Product Manager for PublishingJustin Gonder, has been elected to the board of the Library Publishing Coalition (LPC), of which CDL is a longstanding member. The LPC serves as the primary organization connecting and supporting library-based publishers, coordinating among members institutions to establish best practices, explore common topics of interest, and share strategies for addressing current and evolving scholarly publishing needs. Justin has been an active participant in the LPC, serving on a variety of working groups, and is currently the Program Committee Chair for the upcoming May 2021 Library Publishing Forum.  

A core staff member of CDL’s open access publishing program since 2011, Justin began as the sole service manager for eScholarship, growing over the years into his current position overseeing a portfolio of publishing initiatives and managing a team of product managers and technical staff. Library-based publishing is an increasingly compelling and important option for those scholars who seek open, values-aligned publishing opportunities, and we are thrilled that Justin will be able to bring his insights and experience from CDL’s publishing efforts to the strategic conversations of the LPC board and the larger LPC community it supports.