CAG Friends & Groups


  • Not available; Exceptions: Donor may be granted privileges by Library Development Office.


  • Library Associates, a fund-raising group for the UCD Library, offers memberships for $60 per year.  Members may check out up to 10 books at a time.  No DDS or ILL.


  • We no longer sell cards through Friends of the UCI Libraries. We have established a foundation support group called “We Support UCI Libraries.” Fees to off-campus borrowers are as follows: $80.00 to community users for 1 year; $75.00 to Senior community users for 1 year; $24.00 to Cal State and Community College students for 6 months.

Los Angeles

  • Friends $80/yr; limited borrowing.



  • Friends $65.00/12 months, Senior Citizen Friends $40.00/12 months, CSU or Community College Friends $20.00/6 months.

San Diego

San Francisco

  • Library Associates: $100/12 months, or Fee Borrower: $100/12 months
  • Corporate Borrower: $100/12 months
  • UCSF offers reduced Library Associate / Fee Card rates for students of CSU’s and Calif. Community Colleges. Rates are: Library Associates: $40/1 year & $20/6 months, or Fee Borrower: $50/1 year or $25/6 months.

Santa Barbara

Members of UC Affiliates can purchase a community library card for $25.  Community College and Cal State students eligible for 6-month card ($25) or 1-year card ($50).

Santa Cruz

  • Friends $35/12 months; Student Friends $25/12 months; Member & Spouse $60/12 months; Contributing $75/12 months; Benefactor $100/12 months; Organization (permits 10) $350/12months; Life Membership $500. Cards obtained at any circulation desk.

Northern Regional Library Facility

Southern Regional Library Facility

  • Friends $80/yr; limited borrowing.