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From: Direction & Oversight Committee, UC Libraries Advisory Structure

UC library colleagues,

In September 2017, the UC Libraries' Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC) charged a UC Linked Data Project Team in order to develop a deeper understanding within the UC Libraries of the potential benefits of adopting a linked data approach to exposing and/or managing metadata in various environments, and the infrastructure required to support implementation of linked data system-wide projects in the future.

The UC Linked Data Project Team has submitted their final report. The report highlights projects that have been undertaken at various UC libraries and by national peers, suggests opportunities for us to pursue as a system. DOC has begun discussing this report and will continue to consider the recommendations in connection with the UC Libraries' vision and priorities, including the current work of the Systemwide ILS.

To kick off the new year, the UC Linked Data Project Team has announced two webinars for January 10 and January 16 and you are all invited. Join us to gain a better understanding of the potential and application of linked data for our libraries. To get primed for the sessions, I encourage you to read the final reports' background and use cases section in advance.

On behalf of the UC Libraries, thanks to the UC Linked Data Project Team for their thorough and thoughtful work in this area -- Arwen Hutt (chair), Kevin Balster, Noah Geraci, Rachel Jaffe, Haiqing Lin, Chrissy Rissmeyer, Carl Stahmer, and Kathryn Stine.

Elizabeth Dupuis
DOC liaison to the UC Linked Data Project Team
Associate University Librarian, UC Berkeley


Report: https://libraries.universityofcalifornia.edu/groups/files/doc/docs/UC%20...

Webinars: https://github.com/ucsdlib/uc-linked-data/wiki/Linked-Data-Project-Group...

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Last updated: December 19, 2018