Heads of Special Collections – 2007-2008 Goals and Objectives

  1. Continue to communicate and work collaboratively with other UC groups such as UCAC, PAG, OAC committees, as well as national groups/organizations such as ARL and RBMS on issues of common interest.
  2. Continue to work with CDL on digitizing projects involving special collections materials.
  3. Create a policy of Guidelines for Mass Digitization of Rare Materials.
  4. Create a UC-wide Best Practice Guidelines for the Use of Digital Cameras in Special Collections Reading Rooms.
  5. Create a Conflict-of-Interest Policy Statement for Special Collections employees.
  6. Maintain and expand content of HOSC web site.
  7. Continue to meet regularly (in person or otherwise) to discuss UC-wide Special Collections issues, as addressed in the HOSC Charge and Statement of Purpose, and explore ways to address them. Next proposed meeting is November 13, 2007, via conference call.
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