Interlibrary Loan Advisory Group (IAG)


NOTE: As of Fall 2013, the IAG is no longer active. The contents of this page are for historical reference. For current information, please visit the Interlibrary Services CKG wiki.

IAG is charged with developing and investigating ways to improve interlibrary loan and document delivery services on all campuses by taking an active leadership role and promoting communication and cooperation between UC ILL units and other groups as appropriate.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and recommending interlibrary loan-related policy to RSC.
  • Focusing on procedural issues in resource sharing. Identifying and recommending ILL procedures that facilitate resource sharing among campuses and filling requests quickly.
  • Identifying and recommending best practices in resource sharing. Identifying and analyzing barriers to expeditious sharing of materials and recommending solutions to remove these barriers. This may include identifying new methods of resource sharing and facilitating movement of materials among the campuses.
  • Identifying and recommending practices that increase efficiency in service and operations.  This may include sharing operational data and ideas among campuses.
  • Communicating on UC resource sharing issues with interlibrary services, circulation, collection development, special collections, technical services, and other groups as appropriate.
  • Investigating issues, fact finding and implementing the recommendations of the RSC.
  • Monitoring national trends in resource sharing.


The University of California Interlibrary Loan Advisory Group (IAG) is a common interest group reporting to the Resource Sharing Committee (RSC) of the Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG). IAG is comprised of one representative from each UC University Library appointed by the University Librarian (or designate) from the appropriate ILL operational unit; one representative from each UC Regional Library Facility; one representative from CDL; and one ex-officio representative from Stanford University (Stanford does not have voting rights nor will record minutes).

The Chair position rotates among the UC campuses and RLF’s following an alphabetical listing, and will serve a one-year term beginning July 1 and ending June 30.  Individuals will also serve as Vice-Chair for one year prior to becoming chair.  RSC will appoint a liaison to the IAG.

The Vice-Chair will serve as the group's webmaster.


Meetings will be held quarterly, with one in-person meeting and three conference calls. Campus libraries will be responsible for the cost of travel to the in-person meeting.

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