Scholarly Transformation Advice and Review (STAR) Team Charge

Scholarly Transformation Advice & Review (STAR) Team


As library resource investments continue to diversify and shift to encompass endeavors across the entire scholarly communication spectrum, the UC library system strives to evolve beyond traditional collection development avenues and collaboratively support new scholarly ventures.

The Scholarly Transformation Advice & Review (STAR) Team is charged by the Shared Content Leadership Group (SCLG) to evaluate and make initial recommendations on UC consortial investment opportunities in potentially transformative scholarly communication initiatives. [The STAR Team has created a flowchart describing the evaluation process.]

Key Responsibilities

STAR Team is responsible for the first­line evaluation of potentially transformative scholarly resources and initiatives being considered for collaborative investment. The team is charged

  • Reviewing prospective resources and analyzing the value of the product for UC authors
  • Evaluating the feasibility of the potential investment model for Tier 1 or 2 opportunities according to specific evaluation criteria.
  • Reviewing, updating, and adjusting the evaluation criteria and associated tool kit to reflect accumulated knowledge and new trends
  • Monitoring transformative trends and tools in support of evaluative duties and communicating noteworthy developments to appropriate stakeholder groups

Reporting Responsibilities

Deliverables provided by the STAR Team to supervisory and stakeholder groups will include an overall recommendation on the suitability of pursuing resources for UC investment along with evaluation materials documenting the risks, value, and transformative potential of the initiatives.

STAR Team is responsible for maintaining a web presence on the UC Libraries website in order to keep the toolkit and evaluation materials accessible to appropriate audiences, including some publicly available resources. Evaluations of specific resources and tools should be available to UC Libraries only and not made publicly available.

Membership and Term of Appointment

The work of the STAR Team pertains to a broad base of stakeholders, including but not limited to groups with expertise in:

  • Collection development and management (including subject selector/bibliographer) groups or CKGs
  • Scholarly communication and open access
  • Licensing and negotiating with vendors

This work necessitates representation from a combination of the above groups as well as future stakeholder groups as they emerge. The five member team will be drawn from different campuses.

STAR members shall serve 2 ­year terms, staggered to facilitate group cohesion and onboarding.

The chair (co-chair) responsibilities will be determined annually by the Team and confirmed by SCLG. Should a chair/co-chair change job duties during the course of a term, the Team will recommend a replacement.

2018 Roster: Jennifer Chan (LA), Sam Dunlap (SD), David Michalski (D), Co-Chair: Christy Hightower (SC), Co-Chair: Mat Willmott (CDL)


Meetings will be held quarterly or as needed, as deemed necessary by STAR members to account for the rate of development of new resources, ventures, and proposals.

Last updated: January 8, 2019