Introducing the UC Libraries SILS Project Wiki

Date: June 01, 2020
Title: Introducing the UC Libraries SILS Project Wiki

Dear colleagues,
Today we invite the entire UC Libraries community to explore the UC Libraries SILS Project wiki!
Hosted on Confluence, this collaborative wiki reflects the ongoing work of the SILS Phase 4 Cohort. From the homepage, users have access to the project FAQs, sections for communications tools, training materials, shared governance and decisions, a project update blog, and links to each SILS group space.
Resources will be continually added, e.g. end-user outreach materials, as the SILS project timeline advances towards its summer 2021 launch.

We’re excited for colleagues to follow the progress and decision-making during this critical implementation phase. A priority of the phase 4 SILS Working Group is to make the UC Libraries SILS Project wiki open and viewable to all UC Libraries staff and those in the profession. This decision was made in accordance with SILS principle #10, committing to communications that are transparent and open across the system as we move forward with the project.

The broad representation across the UC Libraries, and the active discussions found in meeting notes, decision pages, etc., ensures that each campus has a voice in the SILS. You can make sure your opinions are heard by speaking with your campus representatives.

Questions and feedback on the new SILS Project wiki, as well as the initiative at large, are encouraged via
Ben Alkaly & Adrian Petrisor
SILS Communication Operation Leads