SILS News - Mar. 27, 2019

Date: Mar. 27, 2019
Title: Moving forward with internal review of the SILS Phase 3 mid-term report and RFP

We’re happy to report that the SILS Working Group recently shared their phase 3 mid-term report, which includes the RFP documents, with the Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC) for their review and feedback. Many thanks to DOC for their helpful comments and edits. Next week, the report and RFP will be delivered to the Council of University Librarians (CoUL) for their review and endorsement. CoUL members will have several opportunities to review and discuss the report and RFP in April before voting on endorsement in May.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your campus liaison or directly.
The SILS Working Group
Chris Shaffer, University Librarian & Assistant Vice Chancellor, UC San Francisco (Co-Chair)
Günter Waibel, Executive Director & Associate Vice Provost, California Digital Library (Co-Chair)
Donald Barclay, Deputy University Librarian, UC Merced
Christine Barone, Collections Project Coordinator, Southern Regional Library Facility (Project Co-Manager)
John Bono, Associate University Librarian, UC Santa Cruz
Peter Brantley, Director of Online Strategy, UC Davis
Judy Consales, Associate University Librarian for User Engagement, UCLA
Lynne Grigsby, Head of Library IT, UC Berkeley
Cathy Martyniak, Director, Southern Regional Library Facility
Erik Mitchell, Audrey Geisel University Librarian, UC San Diego
Caitlin Nelson , Product Manager, California Digital Library
Aislinn Sotelo, Program Director for Metadata Services, UC San Diego
Danielle Westbrook, Systemwide Library Planning Analyst, California Digital Library (Communications Manager)
Lena Zentall, Project & Product Manager, California Digital Library (Project Co-Manager)
SILS mission: Transform library services and operations through innovation and collaboration
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Last updated: April 1, 2019