SILS News – March 29, 2018

Date: March 29, 2018
Title: SILS Project update

This update was previously shared in March 2018 by University Librarians before SILS News was created. In case you missed the email, we’re sharing the news again.

The SILS Working Group had a project team kickoff on January 10, 2018 to begin phase 2. Phase 2 is a brief exploratory phase intended to help us quickly understand costs and the systems likely affected by a consortial ILS. Our deliverable at the end of this phase is a report to CoUL describing the systems that would likely be replaced by a consortial ILS, our existing costs, and likely future costs for a consortial ILS. Our deadline for the report is June 2018. A decision to proceed further with the project will be made by CoUL at their June meeting.

Currently, our campuses have licenses representing all the major ILS vendors, and any one of them may be a viable option for a future system. With this in mind, one project principle is that “we acknowledge that local campus ILS transitions may need to happen while we explore a systemwide ILS and those do not negate our collective commitment to a shared system.” Provided the project team gets a green light from CoUL in June 2018 to proceed with the project, we will engage in a formal, competitive process to select a consortial ILS.

Until we have committed to and selected a system, campus and CDL staff will continue to communicate with their current ILS vendors about current and short-term technical needs. Campus and CDL staff should not make assumptions, or let the ILS vendors make any assumptions, about a future consortial configuration that would limit or impact current services. Discussion of a consortial system is the purview of the SILS project working group.

Questions, comments? Feel free to talk with any SILS Working Group members or email the SILS project managers at

The SILS Working Group

Chris Shaffer, University Librarian & Assistant Vice Chancellor, UC San Francisco (Co-Chair) 
Günter Waibel, Executive Director & Associate Vice Provost, California Digital Library (Co-Chair) 
Donald Barclay, Deputy University Librarian, UC Merced 
Christine Barone, Collections Project Coordinator, Southern Regional Library Facility (Project Co-Manager) 
John Bono, Associate University Librarian, UC Santa Cruz
Peter Brantley, Director of Online Strategy, UC Davis
Cathy Martyniak, Director, Southern Regional Library Facility 
Erik Mitchell, Audrey Geisel University Librarian, UC San Diego
Aislinn Sotelo, Program Director for Metadata Services, UC San Diego 
Virginia (Ginny) Steel, Norman and Armena Powell University Librarian, UCLA 
Lena Zentall, Project & Product Manager, California Digital Library (Project Co-Manager)

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