Joint UC-OCLC Workgroups

Joint UC-OCLC Workgroups
Joint Workgroups will launch in a phased way over the summer and will work through the pilot, with deliverables both before and during the pilot period.  For each Joint Workgroup, UC is appointing one or more UC-only task groups who will gather information and do analyses, and provide representatives as the UC members of the Joint Workgroup.   

 Joint Workgroup


UC Task Groups

 Launch in May



 Group 1:
 Collections &  Cataloging

  • Representing UC’s collections in comprehensively
  • Maintenance model for ongoing cataloging practices
  • Local bibliographic data
  • Persistent UC URLs and IDs
  • Missing Records
  • OCLC Symbols
  • Local Bib Data

 Launch in July



 Group 2:
 Local Information

  • Links into local systems (for circulation status, location and call number)
  • Summary serials holdings
  • Display of holdings information in
  • Z39.50
  • Holdings Info
  • OCLC Number Linking

 Group 3:
 Delivery Services

  • Resource sharing via interlibrary loan / integration with UC’s Request system
  • Circulation-based activities (place hold, recalls etc.)
  • Resolution (digital collections) / integration with UC’s OpenURL resolver
  • Buy it / external fulfillment
  • Request
  • Circ Transactions
  • UC eLinks
  • “Buy-it” Links


 Group 4:

  • Seamless authentication for access to OCLC-hosted and UC-hosted services
  • Authentication


 Launch in August



 Group 5:
 User Assessment and  Help Support

  • User assessment of discovery and display requirements
  • User assessment of recommendation services
  • End user support mechanisms


  • Browse/Searching Headings
  • Searching Music
  • Searching Government Info/ Maps
  • Searching Special Collections/ Archives
  • Searching Serials
  • Searching Non-Roman
  • Mining Authority Records for Recommending
  • Help & User Support
  • User Assessment

 Group 6:
 Reports & Statistics

  • Usage data to gather
  • Reports to construct


  • User Assessment  (see above)