SOPAG Guidelines for CUL Advisory Groups Face-to-Face Meetings

November 2010

All Council of University Librarian Advisory Structure groups should use electronic means (email, website, wiki, blog, teleconference, etc.) as much as possible to reduce costs in conducting business. Face-to-face meetings may be held to facilitate critical shared planning for substantive initiatives or projects that are in alignment with the goals of the Council of University Librarians and SOPAG, and only when such initiatives or projects cannot be addressed effectively via other communication channels. Face-to-face meetings will normally be one day, in a location selected for minimal travel and meeting costs, and with consideration of balancing travel costs for northern and southern campuses.

SOPAG and the ACGs can schedule face-to-face meetings that are in accordance with these guidelines without prior approval. All SOPAG cross-functional task forces (i.e., groups that work across functional areas) must submit draft agendas for face-to face meetings normally four weeks in advance to SOPAG for review and approval. All CIGs and ACG working groups (i.e., groups that work within the functional area of that ACG) must submit a draft agenda for a face-to-face meeting normally four weeks in advance to the appropriate ACG for review and approval.

Travel support will continue to be a local campus responsibility.

Approved: Council of University Librarians (CUL) November 22, 2010

Document owner: Felicia Poe