Collection Development Committee Goals and Objectives

CDC Charge

2002-2003 Goals and Objectives

  • Continue to act in an advisory role to the California Digital Library and the Joint Steering Committee for Shared Collections on issues related to the development of shared digital collections, including vendor negotiations, business models, licensing of electronic resources and future directions for building digital collections
  • Consider and make recommendations regarding shared collection issues related to building and preserving print collections held on all campuses and in the regional library facilities
  • Develop strategies for budgeting, cost-sharing and co-investment for shared digital resources
  • Continue to encourage the work of the bibliographer groups through active communication, consultation and advice
  • Support and advise the Preservation Advisory Group and SOPAG on issues related to preservation planning.  Consider and review proposals from PAG for preservation projects
  • Support and advise the Heads of Special Collections and the Archivists Council; consider proposals from these groups for policy or procedural changes, as needed
  • Continue to review issues directed to our attention by SOPAG or other All Campus Groups and respond from a collection development perspective