HOTS Goals and Objectives 2003-2004

  1. Advise SOPAG on technical services standards and issues as necessary.
  2. Continue to support CDL with the new Melvyl, advising on standards and data quality issues.
  3. Be responsible for guidance and communication in regard to the Shared Cataloging Project.
  4. Continue to further the education and training of technical services staff through planning workshops etc.
  5. Continue to coordinate our acquisitions through confidential information exchange on vendor issues such as which vendors we select and the terms negotiated.
  6. Set policy and guidelines for technical services in support of resource sharing e.g. the shared print archive.
  7. Monitor metadata standards and uses including potential usage outside of traditional catalogs e.g. Online Archive of California.
  8. Share information about and assess preservation issues related to technical services such as the potential benefits of including preservation information in catalog records.
  9. Monitor electronic resource management software standards and issues (such as new NISO standards). Keep informed of tools, standards, issues and current practices.