HOTS Goals and Objectives for 2012-2013

  1. Research and develop any technical services processes needed for the effective performance of UC system-wide initiatives. Advise SOPAG on technical services standards and issues as necessary.
  2. Assist the Melvyl governance groups as appropriate to manage the Melvyl WorldCat Local service and advise them on issues related to standards, practices and data quality.
  3. Work closely with the Next Generation Technical Services Steering Team in their work to redefine collections, move operations to the network level, and foster cooperation and collaboration among the UC technical services operations.
  4. Work with groups on shared print initiatives and repository programs to advise them on issues and to review policies and procedures for technical services standards.
  5. Provide guidance and oversight to the Cataloging and Metadata Common Interest Group (CAMCIG) by responding to issues needing policy decisions and identifying potential new directions in shared cataloging and metadata policies and practices.
  6. Work with the Acquisitions Common Interest Group (ACIG) in identifying potential new directions and reviewing acquisitions policies and practices across the University of California system.
  7. Work with the Collection Development Committee (CDC) and other groups as appropriate to improve coordination of book approval plans and print monograph purchasing to eliminate unnecessary duplication and to maximize campus resources.
  8. Work with CDL by responding to issues regarding electronic resources needing policy decisions and identifying potential new directions in the management of electronic resources and electronic record management.
  9. Share information relating to digital preservation programs, such as eScholarship, the Digital Preservation Repository and Web Archiving Services, and proactively assess their relationship to campus technical services activities.
  10. Work with other UC groups and with organizations such as the California Library Association to create and promote education and training opportunities for the UC technical services staff.
  11. Monitor metadata standards, particularly with regards to interoperability and integrated access. Monitor innovative uses of metadata including potential uses in products outside traditional catalogs that would provide improved intellectual access to materials.
  12. Monitor national trends in collaborative technical services projects such as the Columbia University Libraries and Cornell University Library partnership. Monitor developments in organizational re-structuring, staffing, and retirement trends in technical services operations across the ARL libraries nationwide.
  13. Monitor trends in the use and repurposing of library metadata in new settings.