Information Literacy Common Interest Group (Inactive) (INFOLIT)

Years active:

NOTE: Beginning July 2013, the University of California Libraries launched a revised advisory structure. The groups within the previous structure are no longer active, including this group. See UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS) for information about the current structure.

Group Description

Information Literacy is charged to:

  • Survey the UC libraries and annually update the “Information Literacy: Campus Initiatives and Contacts” web page to provide an overview of the scope of information literacy activities currently underway in the System.
  • Develop and support strategies for sharing information about those information literacy activities that might lead to collaboration and cooperation among the UC libraries.
  • Propose training, workshops, or other mechanisms for promoting and enhancing information literacy initiatives for the University of California Libraries for the future.

Key Documents


Roster at Time of Disbandment


Ellen Meltzer
Senior Associate for Education
California Digital Library
415 20th St, 4th Flr
Oakland, CA 94612-2901


Carol Hughes
Associate University Librarian – Public Services
UC Irvine
Jack Langson Library
PO BOX 19557
Irvine, CA 92623-9557


Karen Munro (term 2007-2009)
E-Learning Librarian
University of California, Berkeley
Doe/Moffitt Libraries
Berkeley, CA  94720-6000


Sarah E. McDaniel
Instructional Design & Assessment Librarian
UC Berkeley
Instructional Services
218 Doe Library
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000


Sandra Vella
Head, Library Instruction Services
UC Davis
Shields Library
100 N.W. Quad
Davis CA 95616


Cathy Palmer
Head, Education and Outreach
UC Irvine
Jack Langson Library
PO BOX 19557
Irvine, CA 92623-9557


Patti S. Caravello
Librarian for Anthropology, Archaeology, and Sociology
Director, Information Literacy Program
UC Los Angeles
11360 Young Research Library
Box 951575
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575


Michelle Leigh Jacobs (chair 9/01/05-8/31/07)
Instruction Librarian
PO Box 2039
Merced, CA 95344


Debbi Renfrow
Rivera Library
University of California
Rivera Library
P.O. Box 5900
Riverside, CA 92517-5900


Susan Shepherd
Director, CLICS
UC San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0318


Min-Lin Emily Fang
Education and Information Coordinator,
Nursing and Social and Behavioral Sciences
Kalmanovitz Library and Center for Knowledge Management
San Francisco, CA 94143-0840


Jane Faulkner
Coordinator of Instructional Services
Davidson Library
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9010


Annette Marines
Reference Librarian,
Instruction and Outreach Coordinator
UC Santa Cruz
McHenry Library
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

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