Library Technology Advisory Group (LTAG)

Years active: 1999-2012

NOTE: Beginning July 2013, the University of California Libraries launched a revised advisory structure. The groups within the previous structure are no longer active, including this group. See UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS) for information about the current structure.

Group Description

Shared information and developed consensus regarding the application of information technology to library activities. Advised SOPAG on information technology issues. Recommended appointees to SOPAG functional groups. Shared information with other SOPAG advisory groups. Recommended to SOPAG, and, at their request, developed and implemented collaborative projects that apply technology for the benefit of the UC system. Worked collaboratively with CDL to insure that CDL’s technical decisions are well understood, are flexible in how they effect campus services, and, when feasible, will provide tools that may be integrated into campus services.

Key Documents

Roster at Time of Disbandment


Lynne Grigsby
Head, Library Applications and Publishing
University of California, Berkeley

UC Davis

Dale Snapp
Department Head of Library Systems
University of California, Davis

UC Irvine

Adrian Petrisor
Director of Information Technology
University of California, Irvine

UC Los Angeles

Gary Thompson
Web Services Development Supervisor
University of California, Los Angeles

UC Merced

Tom Bustos [CHAIR]
Library Technology Manager
University of California, Merced

UC Riverside

Terry Toy
Department Head of Information Technology Systems
University of California, Riverside

UC Santa Barbara

May Chang
Associate University Librarian, Information Technology and Digital Initiatives
University of California, Santa Barbara

UC Santa Cruz

Michael Edmonds
Library Information Technology Manager
University of California, Santa Cruz

UC San Diego

Declan Fleming
Computer Resources Manager
University of California, San Diego

UC San Francisco

Richard Trott
Acting Director, Academic Information Systems
University of California, San Francisco


Lynne Cameron
Technical Team Lead, Discovery and Delivery Services
California Digital Library


Jennifer Reiswig
Electronic Services Librarian
University of California, San Diego


Emily Lin
Head, Digital Assets
University of California, Merced
Document owner: Adrian Petrisor