Scholarly Transformation Advice and Review (STAR) Team Criteria Summary

In its evaluation of transformative scholarly communication initiatives, the STAR Team takes into consideration criteria in several categories:

  • Baseline UC Libraries Principles
  • Potential for Transformative Influence
  • Community Engagement or Endorsement
  • UC Long-Term Affordability
  • Operational Sustainability and Integrity
  • Disclosure & Transparency
  • Protection from Financial Risk

The particular criteria the STAR Team uses to evaluate scholarly initiatives accepted for review can be seen on the team’s criteria workbook. The STAR Team reserves the right to include additional criteria as needed to complete a full evaluation of the transformative nature of the scholarly initiative. In order to evaluate each scholarly initiative thoroughly, STAR Team members ask vendors/producers to complete a questionnaire detailing various aspects of the initiative.

Expedited reviews can be requested for scholarly communication initiatives which require a rapid recommendation and for which there is a low financial threshold for participation.  The STAR Team has created an expedited review template upon which these recommendations are based.

Members of the UC community can watch a recording of a STAR Team webinar [password-protected] to better understand the STAR Team’s background, goals, and work processes.